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I have scoured the ineternet to find some new reports and lovely photos from yesterdays wedding. We have now some video from the weeding for you sto see!

Wedding Videos

Daniel marries in his home village of Kincasslagh

Daniel Ties The Knot

From the Scotsman

Devout Daniel O' Donnell weds divorcee Wedding Picture

IRELAND'S most confirmed bachelor and grannies' favourite, Daniel O'Donnell, 40, married his divorcee sweetheart yesterday.

O'Donnell fought back tears as he arrived at the tiny church in his County Donegal hometown, which boasts just one pub and one shop, to marry mother-of-two Majella McLennan, 41.

In typically emotive style, he told his fans: "You are fantastic. You are going to make me cry."

The singer stepped out of his wedding car to deafening applause from hundreds of adoring fans who had travelled from all over Ireland and the UK to wish him well on his big day.

"This is just fantastic," he said as he arrived at St Mary's Church, Kincasslagh, where 200 fans had braved the wind and driving rain to give him their blessings.

O'Donnell, who has sold more than five million albums worldwide, added: "Whenever I hear people clapping away from the stage I cry every time."

Wearing blue velvet, O'Donnell beamed as he and his bride said "I do" in front of 500 guests, including the singer's mother Julia, 83, and Majella's teenage daughter, Siobhan, 15, who was bridesmaid for her mother. She had travelled from Scotland with her brother Michael, 12, to attend the service.

As guests arrived at the chapel, fans perched on the windswept and craggy shores, facing toward the North Atlantic. wedding picture

True to his belief that his adoring legions of middle-aged fans come first, O'Donnell declined a six-figure magazine offer for exclusive pictures of his big day.

The entertainer was forced to wait 30 minutes before his bride arrived in a traditional white wedding gown, silver tiara and veil.

Majella was allowed a traditional wedding after the Vatican annulled her 13-year marriage to Scot Raymond McLennan, who lives in Edinburgh.

O'Donnell said: "I am delighted that both our families are here to witness our marriage. And I am delighted that my mother is here to be part of it.

"She has got to know Majella and has got to love her very much. They got on terribly well and that is good for me. Majella is an awfully caring person and I think she is great - I am biased of course. But it's good that she likes me and she likes my mother too."

The groom confirmed he had no pre-wedding nerves and was delighted to tie the knot in the chapel where he was baptised, was confirmed and celebrated his first Holy Communion.

The devout Catholic added: "It is amazing I suppose for me. I didn't think I'd meet anyone like Majella. I just thank God for that. I certainly didn't think I'd get married in my own chapel.

"As it happens, Majella's parents have lived in Tenerife for ten years and she has been away from her native Thurles for over 20 years. So the connection wasn't there for her own parish. "She has been visiting us here for a long time and she feels very comfortable here.

"When the annulment came through and there was nothing to stop us, we were just thrilled about it."

O'Donnell met his future wife in 1999 when she worked in her parents' bar in Tenerife, where the star has a holiday home. He proposed last Christmas with one of his romantic ballads playing in the background.

Noting the concern that hearts would be broken across Ireland and beyond, O'Donnell thanked his fans. He said: "The majority who are here are married themselves and from that point of view they only want to wish me well. They are delighted I have found someone to share my life with."

Fans politely applauded Majella as she arrived at church, accompanied by three bridesmaids: Siobhan and O'Donnell’s nieces, Patricia and Fiona Doogan.

The couple emerged from the church to another roof-lifting cheer from fans.

O'Donnell said it was a very emotional occasion with many tears shed.

"The music, the singing, the service were all lovely," he said. Wedding Picture

The new Mrs O'Donnell said: "I feel wonderful, absolutely wonderful."

When asked what would happen to the people's hearts she had broken, she replied: "Sorry, I’ll look after them."

Guests were later treated to a lavish reception in the Holiday Inn at nearby Letterkenny, with extra Gardai on hand to deal with the increase in traffic in the small town.

The couple are due to fly out to Branson, Missouri, later today where O'Donnell will start his Yesterday's Memories tour next week.

The couple will spend a month in the US in what’s being described as a "working honeymoon".

The annulment of Majella's previous marriage came amid claims that the church had rushed the decision to secure a high-profile Catholic wedding for the deeply religious singer.

The crooner has already hinted that he hopes to start a family with his new bride.

From ITV News

Daniel O'Donnell gets wed

Weeding Picture

Hundreds of fans have turned out to watch Irish country singer Daniel O'Donnell marry Majella McLennan at a ceremony in his native Co Donegal.

Crowds lined the road to the church in the singer's home village of Kincasslagh as the couple got hitched.

Majella, 41, wearing a sleeveless cream embroidered dress with a veil, took the chance to shake hands and thank many of O'Donnell's fans before the ceremony.

Her daughter Siobhan, from her previous marriage which was annulled last summer, was a bridesmaid as were his nieces Patricia and Fiona Doogan.

Emerging afterwards to greet fans and pose for the media with his new wife, the 40-year-old singer said the wedding was a very emotional occasion.

"The music, the singing, the service - it was all lovely," he said. "There were many tears, it was very emotional."

When asked what would happen to the all the fans' hearts she had broken his wife, originally from Co Tipperary, said she was sorry and would look after them all.

"I feel wonderful, absolutely wonderful," she said.

Dorothy Moore, 81, who moved to Kenya 40 years ago, said she had timed her visit home especially to see the star marry.

"I've been a fan since he started," she said. "I think it's very exciting, I'm delighted for them."

Betty Canning, of Coleraine, Co Antrim, handed the singer a gift of a cut glass bowl as he arrived at the church.

"My heart is thumping," she said. "I'm absolutely over the moon.

"Daniel is wonderful, I would go to Timbuktu to see him."

Some 550 guests - including friends, family and neighbours - attended the traditional wedding at St Mary's Church, set at the water's edge on the rugged Donegal coastline.

As Daniel, 40, arrived at the church at 12.50pm dressed in a navy velvet suit and gold waistcoat, he shook hands and thanked some of the fans who had gathered.

Majella arrived shortly afterwards at around 1.25pm and greeted fans who sang It's a Long Way to Tipperary to her.

Earlier, Daniel's sister Margot, 51, said St Mary's Church had played a big part in the lives of the O'Donnell family, and that the wedding would be a very emotional event.

"This is the church where everything happened," she said.

"Daniel was baptised in this church, he made his Holy Communion and was confirmed there.

"Both our brother John and sister Kathleen were married there too.

"Daniel and Majella wanted the church to be the most important part of the day, that's why all the 550 guests are invited to the church as well as the reception."

She said that although there would be many fans present the day was mainly the couple's.

"This is Daniel and Majellas' day more than anything else," she said.

O'Donnell began singing as a teenager before touring the Irish expatriot clubs in the UK and eventually playing to packed concert halls and arenas around the world.

He was made an honorary MBE for his services to the music industry in the Queen's New Year Honours List this year.


[05.11.2002 10:51 - Aine]

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